Do not study too hard | Study smart to get best marks in FSc Results 2019

Don’t study too hard. Study smart to get best marks in FSc Results 2019

Are you a student of FSC and suffering stress about the forthcoming exam? Are you worried and spending all days and nights in learning and completing your syllabus of Fsc Exams Result 2019. Don’t feel panic here I will share some tips to study in a smart way to obtain good grades.

Don’t focus on one or two subjects per day:

Try to study multiple subjects per day most of the students spend the whole day studying their one specific subject like chemistry and forgets all other. It is better to study each subject every day to get a desirable result. If you want to study smartly divide your time for each subject and don’t forget to add Islamic and Pak studies.

Enhance your knowledge in different ways:

When you start to discuss any topic with teachers and with friends it will be a source of clearing and magnifying your knowledge and also it is the best way to keep anything in your mind. You can learn a specific topic by following different ways:

  • By reading class notes
  • By reading from the textbook
  • Watching online lectures
  • By Reading Past Papers

Review the Information

If you want to take your lesson in your mind for a long period of time then periodic reviews are essential in order to get the better result in your exam.

Avoid Multitasking

Try to avoid multitasking. If you try to prepare multiple subjects at the same time it will become only wastage of time. Stay away from all that stuff that can distract you from your studies,

  • Turn off Television
  • Switch off cell phones
  • Lock your room

Test yourself frequently

Don’t focus on just learning and learning. Test yourself frequently, it will enable you to get to know how much improvement you need to do and what the level is for your exam preparation is. So it is very important for every student to test himself in every week after completing a chapter.

Connect difficult topics with something you already know

One of the best and simple techniques for all those studies who face difficulty in any topic and stuck to it. They can prepare it very easily by comparing it with daily life issues/things.  For example, if a student of biology always forgets the purpose of white blood cells. He can easily get that point by relating a white blood cell with soldiers. White blood cells are like soldiers in our body that defend against diseases.

Make Notes

When you are in class try to make your notes by hand. Don’t rely on online help or taking notes from friends.  When you try to note down thing by your own effort it will make easy to remember important points of lecture/lesson.

Understanding is a key

Understanding is very important especially when you are a student of science subject. You could not remember a short point without understanding and clearing the concept. Most of the student try to learn things without any concept, as a result when they sit for the exam they forget everything so you want to study in a smart way you should have to follow this rule to act like a smart student.

Join Study Group

You can get a lot of helping material by joining a study group. In the study group, every student shares their views about different topics they help each other in the understanding of difficult topics. You would gain a lot of knowledge in a short period of time it will refresh your mind, motivates and save your time.

Take short Breaks

It is also very important to take short breaks during studies every 90 minutes.

Following all these tips you will definitely achieve brilliant grades

Published on : 11 Apr 2019