Most Popular Study Programs After Your FSC Results

Some boards of education throughout Pakistan have announced the FSC result 2021. However, most of the others are in queue to announce the final result of FSC 2021. The FSC program is a fundamental of sciences and makes students able to know the basic concepts of science. Moreover, the program is also known as the gateway towards a higher education career. This is the reason that students are always advised to make the basics strong to lead an amazing higher education career.

Well, we see that there are a lot of students who cannot lead a successful higher education career because they are not sure about choosing the right career option. Here we come with the most popular and the highly demanded study programs after the FSC program. FSC is divided into two main groups including the FSC pre-engineering group and FSC pre-medical group. So, we address both of the students that what the best options exist for them. So, here we go,

Popular Study Programs After Pre-Medical

FSC pre-medical is the intermediate level of education and makes students able to clear the basic concepts of several science programs including Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. However, the program is a gateway towards the medical higher education programs. The following are the most popular medical higher education programs that you can choose after the FSC pre-medical program.  


The bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery, MBBS is a highly qualified medical higher education program. Students who appear with high marks in the FSC pre-medical program along with exceptional success in the entrance exam, MDCAT are considered for the MBBS program. The program completes in five years and on its completion students appear for a one-year house job. After this, students can start their advanced level studies or professional career. MBBS is not only worthy in Pakistan but MBBS qualified persons can start their specialization or professional career anywhere in the world.

Bachelor Of Dental Surgery

After the MBBS program, the highly demanded medical higher education degree is a Bachelor of Dental Surgery, BDS. This is also a five years program. This is also a reputed program but students have to go through the toughest selection criteria. Your FSC pre-medical marks and the entrance exam score are the main components that make you able to get admitted for the BDS program in Pakistan’s reputed medical higher education institutes.

Doctor Of Physiotherapist

This is another most well-renowned medical higher education program in Pakistan. Currently, 26 medical higher education institutes are offering DPT program throughout Pakistan. DPT-qualified candidates can have the option to get admission in the specialization. However, they can also start their professional career in Pakistan and anywhere in the world.  

Doctor Of Pharmacy

Doctor of pharmacy is another most reputed medical higher education program in Pakistan. This program also ends in five years. The Doctor of Pharmacy degree is approved and awarded by the Pakistan Council Of Pharmacy. Qualified persons can start their professional careers in the clinic pharmacy practice, community pharmacy, geriatric pharmacy, and many other fields.

BS Nursing

In Pakistan, BS nursing is a 04 years undergraduate program. Students who pass the FSC pre-medical program with good scores can be eligible for this reputed medical higher education program. The BS nursing program or training offers students competent, safe, and compassionate nursing care knowledge in theoretical and practical practices.

Popular Study Programs After Pre- Engineering

FSC pre-engineering is the most popular study program at the intermediate level of education. The program enables students to clear all the basic concepts of engineering studies. The program includes the basic concepts of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. However, students who pass the program successfully can have the option to choose an engineering higher education program in a range of fields. Her we come with the trendiest engineering study programs after the FSC pre-engineering program: 

BS Software Engineering

BS Software Engineering is a four years bachelor’s degree program in Pakistan. The study program enables the candidates to learn the software development concepts in depth. With the emerging trend of technology and IT in Pakistan, the study program has become the most prominent study program. In Pakistan, a lot of higher educational institutes in the public and the government sectors are offering this renowned study program.

BS Information Technology 

BS information technology is a vast field of education. The degree program ends in four years. Students get in-depth learning of information technology at the advanced level through this study program. Students who pass the FSC pre-engineering program and score very good marks in the entrance exam are offered the opportunity to start their higher education career in the IT program.

BS Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is another most demanded higher education program that is not only reputed in Pakistan but can bring a lot of career opportunities across the boundaries. This is a four years higher education program and a lot of private sector, as well as public sector institutes, are awarding this degree program.

BS Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is another most popular higher education program in the engineering field. The degree program can bring a lot of opportunities for the candidates to make a bright future. The study program enables students to apply scientific and mathematical principles to design and develop physical systems.

BS Electrical Engineering 

BS Electrical engineering is another highly demanded higher education program in the engineering field. The program is about the designing, analysis, development, and testing of electronic equipment or systems. Those who will get good marks in the FSC pre-engineering and will have an interest in learning the manufacturing of electronic gadgets and equipment are highly recommended to start this program.

Final Thought

Indeed, all these mentioned study programs are highly demanded in Pakistan. But, the final thought or suggestion for students is to always choose the right option for them. Think twice that what field or program entices you or, in other words, think deeply that on what ground you can make a better contribution or performance. First, know your ability then start implementing the ideas or capabilities.

Published on : 04 Oct 2021