Top 10 ways to cover any deficiency in 10th class

Student life consists of many ups and downs depending entirely upon the student. At times, many brilliant students even fail to achieve what is expected of them. This article is here to help you release your stress and give you some beneficial guidelines that how you can overcome your shortcomings in 9th grade in your 9th class result when you enter 10th grade.

Step1: Recognize your area of interest

Almost, all of the students are biting nails in order to set goals after they finish school. It is suggested that you better sit down and observe what your future goals are. When you will set goals then you will be more motivated to achieve them. Even then, you might feel depressed when things are not going as you have planned. The key to overcome this is COMMITMENT. Stay committed and in this way, you will start to develop habits in order to achieve those goals and keep you motivated and focused towards them.

Step 2: Set an organized schedule

This is another important step in order to prioritize things. Overcoming shortcomings doesn’t mean that you cut off from all other activities rather plan your schedule in an appropriate way. List down important things that you need to achieve and then step by step, work on them.

Step 3: Time management

Keep a digital clock on your study table to keep you on time. Make a schedule for the day according to the priorities set. Follow your schedule and manage the time accordingly. Arrange your bookshelf and keep everything in order so that you don’t waste any time finding things that you need and save time to do things on your priority list.

Step 4: Regularity and Punctuality

In your 10th grade, do not become lenient but attend your classes regularly. Perform well in an assignment, lab work or any other task assigned to you in class. This will enable you to achieve what you could not acquire or miss out in 9th grade after getting the 9th class result.  Do not procrastinate!

Step 5: Focus on developing good study habits

Developing study habits is the most significant part of your student life. This will not only help you in your matriculation but throughout your college/university as well as professional life. Revise whatever you have been taught in class and give a thorough view to reading notes. According to this habit, you will find exceptional result when you will go to the 10th class result.   

Step 6: Avoid Cramming

Time is not the measure of how much you know about your subject so wrote learning or cramming is something that you need to avoid while preparing to get a good score. Read everything out with the complete concept of it because wrote learned text will vanish away but conceptual study remains in your mind. Read in detail whatever you are studying for instance, with the help of a diagram, thorough reading or demonstration. After studying smartly (not hardly), test yourself by jotting down important notes of what you have read.

Step 7: Avoid study fatigue

Students at times boast about their studying hours but they need to understand a very important point here. Too much focus on books or any media they are using to study can affect their body and can cause them to feel dizzy or tired. While making your study schedule, keep in mind to spare some break time also in which you can stretch your body, do some exercise or play some outdoor games as well. Eyes are really affected with constant focus so spare some time, close your eyes and relax for a while; a nap can be a good option.

Step 8: Ask help from Teachers

Sometimes students hesitate to contact teachers in order to ask them any question but it is very important to clear your queries. Develop a friendly relationship with your teachers and ask for their guidance whenever there is something that is difficult for you to understand. Teachers are there for your assistance, so benefit from their knowledge and expertise. No doubt, teachers’ guidance will affect directly on your matric class result.

Step 9: Manage anxiety and study stress

Incorporate into your mind that you have progressed more than before. This positive attitude will help you reduce your study stress and help you get rid of anxiety. Stay calm and relaxed. Clarify all your questions and confusions from teachers. This will help you focus completely on your study rather than worrying about how to get a good score.

Step 10: Physical fitness

Apart from studies, indulge in useful outdoor activities to keep you physically fit as well. In this way you will be more focused on your goals as well and definitely will perform better in your studies and, obviously, a better performance leads towards good result and this is the same case you will find in your matric result 2019.

Published on : 03 Jul 2019