How you still got more chances in life

The 9th Class Results will be announced on 19th August 2019 by all boards of examinations in Pakistan, the majority of students have attained remarkable marks and some have not been able to pass 9th class with flying colors. But those who have not reached the bar of marks they aimed to have in 9th class don’t have to be disappointed because you still have the chance to compensate for it in 10th class examinations. In fact, instead of wasting your precious time in useless worrying and stress move past the failure and work hard towards a better future.

Focus on Improving Yourself:

Start strategizing your study plan from today and create a proper study schedule. You must be well aware of your weaknesses and must have known where you left loopholes in 9th class examination preparations. It is time to overcome your mistakes and weaknesses and work harder to nourish your strengths and regain your lost grades in 10th class examinations. You have tools of past papers, online lectures, online tests, and preparatory notes through the web for acing your next academic levels.

You are now experienced For Next Academic Levels:

Sometimes failures occur to make us strong and blessing us with a powerful will. 9th class is your first board examination and your introduction to BISE board assessment criterion. In the coming academic levels, you will be more prepared and ready than you were this time. You now know the pattern of exams; you have understanding of time management during attempting papers, you have experienced atmosphere of examinations halls and you have overcome the fear of attempting board examinations by appearing at 9th class examinations for the first time, from here your next academic levels require your mastery and expertise and you must focus on studying better rather than regretting the past.