How to survive first day in college after matric exams result

Top 10 tips to survive your first day in college

The first day at college is nerve-wracking and extremely daunting for juvenile students who have just cleared their matriculation examinations. The atmosphere of schools and colleges are poles apart from each other.  In schools, there is scrutiny, care and attention of teachers till 9th class and 10th class and also administrations maintain discipline, rules and regulations after your 10th class exams result in your college starts but in colleges there is freedom, much less scrutiny of teachers, you have option to bunk or attend classes and your academic performance is almost dependent on your own will. This difference will be apparent to students on their first day at college which is agitating anxiety.

But you must survive anyway, as your seniors have done. Here are ten tips to help you go through your first day at college without spoiling it:

1. Don’t Show You are Petrified:

Of course, you are petrified, but who says you have to show it? Keep the storm inside you under wraps and maintain a calm and confident posture so that your bullying seniors don’t take advantage of your fear and spoil your day.

2. Attend all Classes:

Your first day at college in your 11th class will be abundant in freedom and you might think to pass it sitting in cafeteria enjoying your day by chatting with your friends. But actually, it is the day when you must be attending the classes and getting the introduction of your new teachers. In fact, at first day of your college, your new teachers will not start lectures on the syllabus but they will give you important life lessons which will remain with you in your whole life and some discuss your 11th class syllabus.

3. Don’t Hesitate To Ask Question:

By asking the question, we don’t mean to ask a question to your seniors, they will bully you for sure. Go to the admissions section of your college and ask them all that you want to know.

4. Write the Names of your Teachers, Class Timings and Weekly Schedule:

On the first day, you must do yourself a favor of writing names of your teachers, class timings and weekly schedule for an organized start of your new life at college.

5. Take Tour of all Departments of Your College:

Take a tour of all departments of the college, visit the library, debating room, sports ground and get yourself comfortable with the new surroundings and make your elf feel at home to erase anxiety.

6. Be Open to Conversations:

There will be many other students equally confuse as you. Start conversations and be open to conversations, because on your first day at college you might be meeting a few of your future best friends.

7. Pick a Presentable Attire

If you have a uniform in your college then there is no fuss but if your college has no restriction of dress code then pick your most decent attire and be presentable because first impressions last forever.

8. Prepare an Impactful Introductory Note

In your classes on the first day of college, your teachers will ask you to introduce yourself. That is your chance of leaving an impactful impression on your teachers and fellow students. Write a genius introductory note of yourself and you will see your teachers will treat with respect throughout your time in college.

9. Don’t Get in Trap of Bullies:

The first day of college is the day of bullies. Your seniors and even your fellows will try to poke you for fun. Don’t fall for their trap and find a way to save yourself by keeping yourself busy with classes and surround yourself with reliable fellows.

10. Be on Time:

You must reach on time at college for the first day. Take a seat in your first class because it will get crowded more than you can imagine and more importantly, your teachers will appreciate it.