Top 10 reasons girl students are getting top positions in 10th class result

The pressure of studying hard is on every student, especially from parents and society. Literacy rate of Pakistan is growing faster. About two decades ago is was very obnoxious for girls to get higher studies but things are getting better now. Parents want their girls to study as they want it for their son. Boys and girls have different types of upbringing even after living at the same house they have a different type of experiences.

What are the Pressures on students?

Every student is under pressure of studying hard because if he lacks at any point that will directly affect his future.

  • Classroom environment
  • Parents and Society Pressure
  • Internal Pressures he/she is facing
  • Completion with other mates etc.

The difference in the attitude of boys and girls

Girls are more conscious than boys throughout their life whereas boys have more practical knowledge than girls this difference of nature grows in them with life and become part of their personality. Girls in our society have less outdoor activates whereas boys have more outdoor activates which help them to learn from a different type of people in the world.

Boys and girls attitude in academics

  • Boys are little careless in studying in comparison with girls
  • Girls cramp up the syllabus more easily than boys
  • Girls pay more attention to details to achieve a high score

Previous Years 10th class results of academics in Pakistan

Girls have fixed them self on the top of the position chart from years in Pakistan. The previous was also topped by girls in academics.

Some Bise Lahore board toppers name of Science Group:-

  • Wajiha Aslam (First Position)
  • Hafsa Saleem (Second Position)
  • Areej (Third Position)
  • Zahra Shoaib(Third Position)

There are so many other girls present in Pakistan who just need to be the support of their family and society to achieve their desired destination.