Top 10 factors that count in your marking when your papers are checked in board

For passing the 9 class board exam results with flying colors, clarity of your words and inclusive knowledge of your syllabus is undoubtedly but more importantly, your presentation must be exceptional and impressive. Using the right pattern of conducting the exam and understanding the demands of checkers and solving your question paper accordingly will increase your overall score up to 90%. The 10 factors that must be included in your answer papers in board exam for gaining high marks are:

  • Stick to the word limit on your exams:

You must answer the question in a precise yet inclusive manner by sticking to the word limit required for each question in your question papers. The checkers don’t like overuse of words and over-explanation, come up with an accurate answer in required words limit to impress them.

  • Answer Only What Has Been Questioned:

It is irrelevant to answer all branches of science when you are only asked about biology. Same goes with every topic if you have been asked about one category of the scientific method, the story of one character, history of one king, so you must answer only that and have a fair chance of getting best marks by checkers.

  • Don’t Repeat What Has Already Been Said:

To make an impact or assert the concept, students make the common mistake of repeating which checkers dislike. The point or concept you have just explained must be in clear words, in next paragraph or line explain other concept or notion related to the topic being discussed in the answer paper or simply leave it there so that the checker doesn’t get an impression of your repetition.

  • Avoid Spelling and Grammatical Mistakes:

To impress examiners, students tend often forget to learn spellings and use of accurate grammatical order and only focus on cramming concepts, notions, formulas, and literature related to the syllabus. But it a blunder, your spellings, and grammar must be on point. Even if you answer your questions in the simplest and basic sentence structure but it must be accurate, your examiner will not cut marks for simple sentence structure but cut marks for wrong structure and spellings.

  • Handwriting:

Handwriting must be clear and aesthetic in your exams so do not write in a hurry give yourself time to write properly. There must be a required gap between the words and your writing must be understandable to the checker because they don’t have time to notice your writing style.

  • Attempt Those Questions First Whose Answers You Know Accurately in Annual and Supply Exams:

In the theoretical portion of your question paper, attempt those questions first whose answers you know accurately because your first impression on checker will be perfect and also you will have time to gather information in your mind of the later questions about which you have unclear concepts.

  • Add Headings and Points:

The clearer your answer is and the easier it is to be understood to the checker the more marks you will be granted; that is the key. Add headings and points in your answers so that the checker knows you have absolute knowledge and make it easy for them to give scores according to your added points.

  • Write Wise Permeable or Introductions of Answers:

The introduction of each of the answer you write must be the most impactful and impressive. The rest of the answer will follow the caliber you set in the start and checkers will be engaged in your writing skills and ignore the weak parts.

  • Focus on the Question Rather Than Lofty Wordings:

Your answer must be according to the question not about your lofty use of words and complex expressions. The simplest and to the point answer is the best answer, keep that in mind.

  • Attractive Presentation and Avoid Cutting and Clumsy Format:

Presentation counts a lot in your 9th class examination result. The checkers tend to give high marks to those students who have written answers in smooth flow without cutting and clumsy format. Draw margin lines, think before you write so that you don’t have to cut and check before you leave the examination hall.