Students enter into an academically important phase after 8th Class. The concepts and theories taught in matriculation classes are introduction of the concepts to be taught in next academic levels such as intermediate and bachelors. After 8th class result, you will be bound to make the most crucial choice of your academic career which is picking either science group or arts group. By making this choice you will commit to study only one particular discipline of education and pursue your education in arts or either science stream. The thoughtlessness and procrastination ends with passing 8th class and it is time to make choices and taking responsibility. Here are the ten things which will change in a student’s life after passing 8th class.

1-Choosing Arts or Science Group

It is time for you to make your own decisions. As you pass 8th class choice of which stream of education you want to pursue in further classes. Your parents and teachers can suggest you but can’t make a decision for you. It must be noted that whichever education stream you choose it will decide your professional career. You can’t shift your career choice from arts to science after that. So pick the education stream after absolute thoughtfulness and without peer pressure.

2-Medium of Education

Generally after 8th class student prefer to study in the same medium of education in next like 9th class and 10th class which they have studied their previous classes. In matriculation and intermediate classes you can easily study in Urdu or English medium but specifically from Bachelors classes most of the subjects will be in English medium. It is better to convert your education medium to English if you have been studying in Urdu medium till 8th class. Because you will be able to learn grammar and improve your English writing skills till Bachelors classes otherwise learning English terms in senior classes can be difficult.

3-Time Management

Matriculation classes are senior classes. The learning and understanding of concepts in matriculation requires your time. You can’t anymore be unconscious about your study routine. Every day counts when it comes to ready yourself for matriculation examinations. The marks you will gain in 9th and 10th classes will be counted in proportion for merit of admission in further classes. So from now on it is time for you to take education seriously.

4-Paying Attention to Lectures

There is a specific method of matriculation examinations. By listening and taking notes of daily lectures in school will aid you immensely in understanding this method. During examinations if you fail to rememorize the topics you have learnt you can write down the points taught to you during lectures. Schools hire experts to teach 9th and 10th classes for a reason because these very classes are fundamental academic base of coming classes. Therefore paying attention to lectures can help you in learning more inclusively.

5-New Friends Circle

There is a chance that some of your class fellows and best friends don’t choose the same education stream as you. You will be in different section and they will be in some other. After 8th class you might have to make new friends in your new class and learn to adjust in new atmosphere. It is phase of transition and adaptability. The more welcoming to change you are the more progress you will make in your new classes. As it is said a man is known by company he keeps. Same is applied to you, pick those friends who encourage you, guide you to right path and do not spoil you.

6-Serious Approach to Life

You are now in- charge of your own life. The efforts will pay off and carelessness will pay off. It is now up to you to take your life into a progressive or destructive path. The results of your decision will come with consequences. If you want to lead life successfully then you must start now and take education in all seriousness. Make proper planning and follow daily routine of study and put maximum efforts so that you won’t have regret while you are standing in line of admissions in college.

7-You are Your Own Competition

There is no point competing with others. It is best to nourish your own capabilities and work on your weaknesses for improvement. Some students will require only two hours of study for preparing a test and some will require 4 hours. So it is time for you to know your capabilities and enhance your learning skills and improve yourself rather than envying someone for their learning speed and intelligence.

8-Managing Stress

At matriculation level the pressure of completing syllabus on time, gaining good marks in quizzes and tests and keeping up with daily routine will make you stressful. It might be first time in your life when stress about education will get on your nerves. You will have to manage the anxiety and stress and keep yourself on right track. Leave some margin of free time for yourself in your daily routine so that you can study with a healthy mind. Take mini breaks between study routine. Go for some recreational activities every now and then to make your mind stress free.

9-Learning from Failures

There will be times when you will fail in tests or not be able to answer to questions in classes quizzes. Always take your failure in positive manner or else you will not gain anything. Ask questions to teachers when you don’t understand. Keep in mind you are a student and a learner. You will see a very constructive result if you start taking your failures positively. So never be disheartened if you fail in test and do more effort for next one.

10-Consistency and Flow

Consistency and flow with the daily routine are two traits which must be adopted by you after passing 8th class result. The lecture you miss, the day in school you skip will be your loss. You must be consistent in doing daily work on daily basis.


Published on : 19 Apr 2019