Most common reasons students fail to continue their studies after matriculation exams result

There are certain reasons behind the student’s failure to continue their studies after matriculation in intermediate. Some reasons lie with the students, some lie with the teachers, some lie with the parents and the rest of the reasons lie with the system of Education.

Financial problems

The First and the main reason every second child is facing is Financial Problem. Financial stress always has a negative impact on student’s engagement with learning and thus influences their study decisions. In Pakistan 1 out of 4 college students broke off their studies early due to financial problems, poor student-Teacher relationships or lack of motivation. Additional work plays as a stressor in the students’ lives and as a result, they left their studies.

Excess of workload

Excess of workload in areas such as language and mathematics, there is a point where students cannot cope or handle the workload anymore and leave school. New research also proved that overloading students is one of the big reasons for students’ academic stress that destroy their mental and physical health.

Conflict with work and family commitments

This is happening both in the intermediate and graduates degree of education. Most of the students who belong to a very poor family face a lot of conflict with work and family commitments.  They have to fulfill the responsibilities of their home as well as have to complete their studies. Most of the students could not make their way and left their studies.

Fear of Failure

Students who could not able to get good grades on their matriculation exam result and those who clear the exam in parts they always felt low confidence and a bit of fear from continuing their studies.  Most of them left the studies only because of just a fear that holding in their mind. The pressure is definitely the main factor, you’re scared you’re not going to do well as usual, or you’re desperate to get better. If not then you feel like not only you’ve let yourself down, but you’ve disappointed everyone around you. Students after facing a series of failure felt that:

  • They could not achieve their Goals.
  • They could not get able to get their job.
  • They become fed up for paying many times for the exam.
  • Sense of Hopelessness.


Fear of Unemployment will always be there, but you should use it to motivate yourself and excel rather than give in and fail. The reason for this is fear.  Fear of Unemployment dominated your thoughts and mind. The result is worse in every case I have seen many students who left their studies by saying that Instead of wasting money on paying fees at colleges and Universities, we should learn any skill, have to do short courses and should apply in different organization for getting more experience. According to their point of view, the experience is more beneficial than improving academic career. Unfortunately, it’s a true Fact!!

Lack of support

The difficulty of courses and Lack of support system is an issue that goes beyond the checkbook. Students who don’t have any support system in their studies makes them demotivated from pursuing their studies, especially those type of students who are studying privately after their Matriculation. No Doubt, Private group of students have to do more effort as compared to regular students and many of them who face a lack of support system and more responsibilities mostly left their studies.

School Environment

Most of the students who don’t feel easy and comfortable in the school environment always make excuses for further studies at college. Teachers Behavior and learning environment might be a reason for their student’s failure to continue their studies after matriculation.