Importance of getting education in Pakistan or Abroad

Knowledge is such a great power which leads you to travel around the world but your thirst of knowledge would not be rewarded. While going through the history pages I come into contact with many great personalities’s biography and come to know that they put up with the hardships of long journeys to acquire knowledge. Besides being fun and exciting, study abroad is an exclusive life changing experience that will help you grow academically, personally and prepare you for your career.

Now days many students leave their home countries to study, especially students from developing countries go to developed countries due to superior pattern of education, better campus facilities, to enlighten their resume and for better employment opportunities. The standard of education is not very high in developing countries so students prefer foreign universities to do advance studies. Some universities of developed countries have excellent infrastructure, good research facilities and attractive scholarships for students. These factors are a magnet for students who want to achieve success in their career path but the universities in their home country are deficient of the above requirements.

Another most important factor of study abroad is the job opportunity in that country. As many our country fellows chose study abroad just to get job there which is pretty easy after getting study visa as well as degree from a good foreign university always adds up to one’s resume. Today’s job market for graduating students is extremely competitive. You’re not only competing for jobs with students from your university or your country. You’re competing with students from across the world. A study abroad experience on your resume will distinguish you from your peers.

It is a fact that a foreign degree adds significant worth to your personal as well as professional development. A degree from reputed university or college provides accelerated growth in successful career. It broadens the horizons and reveals a variety of opportunities for accelerated growth in career.

Study abroad chances have the special purpose of introducing students to the process of crossing cultures. They help students acquire the skills they need in order to be comfortable crossing cultural boundaries in the future. International firms increasingly send new employees abroad in the first few years of employment. Students who gain that experience through study abroad will be ready for the opportunities that lie ahead.

Here are some of the changes educators say that they notice in students after they have been overseas:

  1. Comfort with complexity and ability to cope with ambiguous information
  2. Willingness to challenge answers that seem too simplistic or formulistic
  3. The ability to see more than one side of a question
  4. Tolerance for the opinions of the others
  5. Flexibility the ability to expect the unexpected
  6. Willingness to understand differences and to try to understand different cultural perspectives
  7. Confidence in their own opinions, coupled with willingness to justify their position
  8. Creativity in looking “outside the box" for solutions to problems
  9. Willingness to research a question thoroughly before offering solution