Latest News about BA 2 Years program is not banned yet

As of lately, there has been a lot of news around about 2 years duration Bachelors degree being banned in Pakistan. Thereof, Pakistani students were immensely confused about whether to continue their preparations for Bachelors examinations or quit. As per the recent announcement by the concerned authorities, B.A 2 year’s degree is not going to be banned in Pakistan anytime soon so the bewildered students can take a sigh of relief and carry on with their preparations of examinations.

Particularly focus on preparations of B.A English subject which is very much the most crucial and utmost important paper and rather difficult. You can access to B.A online preparation platforms for notes, guesses, self-assessments, quizzes, past papers and tests of B.A English and other subjects. The B.A Results will greatly affect your admissions in university for Masters Classes.

Even because of this ongoing rumor about B.A 2 Years ban has affected your preparations schedule, it is time to put all the confusions and uncertainty about examinations aside and head-on with dedicated and focused preparations. The B.A examinations are theoretical and require powerful and continuous writing ability, it is better to start your writing practice and complete self-assessments of each of your subjects one by one by attempting past papers.

Also, make sure you have done preparations of B.A examinations according to the recent pattern of your university because every year there is a slight change in the division of marks and syllabus included. You can get the updated syllabus of B.A from your university’s websites and other online sources. The students who find B.A English as a challenging most subject must indulge in reading of English syllabus books thoroughly and avoid skipping chapters and topics.