International Students To Arrive In Pakitsan to Attend A Convention

An International Student Convention (ISC) will be held in Pakistan Capital City Islamabad starting from 10 December 2018. The convention will be four day long. The theme of the convention is ‘securing the future of youth’, announced to the press. 30 countries are participating in this convention. The participants will get to meet experts from different fields , from all over the world.

Organizaers of the Event

The organizers of the event include; Inter University Consortium for Promotion of Social Sciences Pakistan in collaboration with COMSATS, the Higher Education Commission Pakistan, the Punjab Higher Education Commission, the United Nations Information Centre Pakistan, the Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary Services, the Paigham-e-Pakistan, the University of Lahore, the Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies, the National Democratic Foundation, the National Book Foundation and other top-ranking Pakistani and foreign universities.

Topics Of Discussion

The registration of the participants has been started by the organizers. The event will have 30 sessions and competitions on topics of international human rights day, vice chancellors forum on youth development, diplomatic forum and corner, university pavilion, books pavilion, digital technologies pavilion, tourism and culture pavilion, job fair, career counseling sessions, model UN and National Assembly sessions, talent hunt, ideas corner, workshops, seminars, sports activities, competitions and many other activities projecting a positive image of Pakistan all over the world.

The Purpose Of Organizing This Event

The pupose of this event is to encourage youth for innovation of ideas and competing global educational standards. Solutions and risks factors, combatting terrorism, politics, steps to eradicate poverty and education for all will also be discussed in dialogues. The topics of discussion are objectified to energise the youth in development of goals.Encouraging youth dialogues on global platforms result in opening new spectrums in fields. This convention will be first in Pakistan. Pakistan is a country which is in dire need postive global image. Our youth can play an important role in this respect.

Such conventions enhance the knowledge in youth regading global challenges, peace building, environmental issues and their role in tackling these issues.

Global Youth Dialogues

Here is the list of organizations working for promotion of sustainable development for youth worldwide establised by UNICEF;

  • Nation1
  • The United Nations Youth Information Network (UNYIN)
  • I*EARN
  • World Voices
  • Digital Clubhouse
  • African Development Forum: Youth Focus.
  • Generation WHY.
  • Global Schoolhouse
  • The Globe Programme.
  • DRIK.
  • United Nations CyberSchoolBus
  • Global teenager project by International Institute for Communication and Development.
  • Youth on Board.
  • Global Meetings of Generations.

Published on : 15 Oct 2018